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We Want Your Songs! Zerohour: No Haters Here! youth initiative and the non-profit organization Oneness are proud to announce Project: One.

A county-wide search for musically talented youth, ages 14-18. Attending Project: One's free songwriters' workshops and trainings will give youth a chance to write and perform songs that could lead to a professional recording opportunity and inspire positive change in our community…& the world. Music can unify people, cultures and society. Now more than ever, we need music that champions racial equality, social justice and ending hatred.

Project: One has three phases.

Phase 1:
designed to aid youth in addressing issues of intolerance with their music through a series of "Music & Dialogue" sessions.

Phase 2: Songwriters' Workshop: where selected students will create songs with award winning artists and producers to inspire the ideals of understanding, mutual respect and human dignity.
*Saturday April 25th, 2009
Time and Location TBA

Phase 3: Project One Concert: featuring music written at the summit at concerts, on the internet, and on participating radio stations. Selected teams of musicians and songwriters will later join professional producers in their studios to produce and record their songs. A panel of diverse music professionals will consider a variety of factors, including response to the songs posted on youtube.com, and choose 10 of the participating teams and their songs for inclusion on the final Project: One CD.
*June 2009
Time and Location TBA

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Fidel Rodriguez was recent invited to promote Project: One on the Latino 96.3 "Morning Invasion." Click and give a listen!