Project: One came about through the original Songwriter's Summit for Oneness first created six years ago. This year, through the Human Relations Commission's zerohour sessions and workshop, the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art recording equipment and mentorship by award winning, hit-making producers and songwriters, participants will have the opportunity to create a message with their music. Project: One invites all L.A. County youth to write the songs that bring out the best in themselves, and challenge the "haters" to stop.

Project: One offers a powerful and potentially life-changing experience, as well as unique ways for diverse youth to come together and create music that inspires positive change. Young songwriters will draw upon their personal experiences with racism, bias, sexism, and sexual orientation or religious intolerance from peers, classmates, family, neighbors, the media and others – and then write the "soundtrack" for a new generation.
Music can unify people, cultures and society. Now more than ever, we need music that champions racial equality, social justice and ending hatred. To encourage the creation of that powerful new music, the L.A. County Commission on Human Relations' zerohour program, in collaboration with Oneness, a national non-profit music industry organization focused on eliminating racism and promoting the oneness of humanity, announces this innovative effort to nurture and inspire the talent of tomorrow. Speaking out against racism and intolerance, and promoting social justice through music, Project: One invites all L.A. County youth to write and perform songs that challenge ignorance, insensitivity and disrespect – songs that will help bring our community together.